FOR MONDAY: (3/13) Winter storms over the weekend may excite trade a bit but always hard to play these things. Grains have issued sell signals with projections into March 26-27 and we’ll use any strength to get short but may have a better chance on Tuesday. Cattle look higher at least a few more days and hogs are very choppy and have to play the ranges.

JULY SOYBEANS (electronic ok)
TODAY’S COMMENTS: (3/13) Beans never got to support at 1008-9 with a recovery likely to Tuesday to 1024. We can’t do countertrend trades but short-covering may justify what we’re seeing. Next push down will go to 987 or 975 so jumping on a bounce the next few days will be important seasonals often turn lower in March after the USDA and with SA pressures.
CYCLES OVERVIEW: Lower into March 13; higher into March 14; lower into March 15; higher into March 17; lower into March 20-21.

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