Fortucast Market Timing - Barry Rosen

Since 1987, Barry Rosen has been the editor and publisher of Fortucast Commodity Market Timers, which cover over 15 futures markets and 10-20 ETF’s. Mr. Rosen derives his trade recommendations from GANN, ELLIOTT WAVE and his own proprietary cyclical analysis. His frequent timing for entries at critical points in the market can only be described as uncanny! For example in 1990 in Trader’s World, he predicted that the US stock market would trend higher into 1998.

In October 2007 he predicted a major top for the stock market and a 2-3 year decline. It was projected at that time to be a 33% correction. Mr. Rosen also operates intra-day hotlines for the S&P.

Mr Rosen is consistently ranked high in the Timer Digest.

Mr. Rosen ‘s articles on the relationship of geocosmic cycles to timing of the markets have appeared Trader’s World and the NCRG Journal. A highly respected authority in his field, Mr. Rosen has spoken at numerous conferences and seminars. In 2006 and 2011, he spoke at the London School of Philosophy and Economics on long-term stock market cycles and has been interviewed by CNBC regarding his accurate predictions on the 2008 collapse in the stock market.