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MARKETS ON THE EDGE OF BIG MOVES: Crude has been warning us all week that it is tiring and hit 7689 overnight which is a more bearish signal but that the market has to take out 7500.   Silver again failed to break out overnight and take out 2790 and if so it may only go […]

Last Hurrah for Tech Stocks

JUNE NQ 100 FUTURES NOTES TODAY’S COMMENTS: (4/24) NQ got to 17795 today and a B wave pullback could get to 17515 in the next day  before the market would get up to 18050 or a bit more into Friday/Monday.  This is the last chance to get out of tech stocks which should fall into […]

Stock Market Top Signal Confirmed–What’s Next?

Stock Market Top Signal Confirmed–What’s Next? We had discussed that a close under 5090 on the S & P would be a first topping signal for stocks and the 2nd one will come with a close below 4936 on S & P cash.  We do see a secondary high into April 22-28th but it is […]

Have we topped in stocks and gold?

We got our hawish PPI print and we can throw a June cut out the window and that has been obvious since oil took out 80.00 a barrel.  We are still waiting to see if key S & P prints 5090 on cash and 17830 on NQ futures can develop  and start to break the […]

Next Entry for Long Gold?

NEXT ENTRY FOR GOLD? Gold already hit the first target we discussed in previous blogs at 2222. What’s next?   For those who like markets that go up and accelerate, this is the best thing out there except for Bitcoin and tech stocks are close to the end.  We sense a Black Swan event the week […]

Last Stock Market Lift-Off

LAST STOCK MARKET LIFT-OFF (3/20)   The FOMC did not raise rates and the majority of FOMC members are looking for 3 rate cuts by Dec. although they dialed back 2025 and 2026 rate cuts.  The S & P cash has made a new high on the move and cycle highs dominate into the first […]

Gold Still Looks Good

Gold Still Looks Good (3/18)   We tend to get so micro-orientated but the big picture is much higher gold over the next few years as the reality of the world banking and debt crises manifests in a bigger way.  Long-term investors can at least focus on the July high short-term this year.  All the […]


ENERGY ISSUES A BREAKOUT SIGNAL (3/14) The market took out the key 8030 region and we will see 8220 before a setback.  The market has to take out 7880 to issue a minor sell signal for 7600 and that is in doubt Above 8000, we are favoring a move to 8400 next and pullbacks holding […]

What’s Next for Bitcoin?

WHAT’ NEXT FOR BITCOIN? (2/14) Bitcoin is the best game in town with a 17% advance last week.  Computer models give a 74% chance for 53967 and we will stay open.  NQ should recover for a few days. Daily charts are projecting 59024 so we are going to have to chase at some point but […]