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What’s Next Gold?

(10/23)  WHAT’S NEXT FOR GOLD? We had alerted you about the bottom in metals and they have taken off. The current pattern would look better with acceleration to 2033 and then a pullback to 1974-77.   This is what we are looking for earlier in the week.  The market would not be done until we saw […]


QUICK TAKES: Can Powell save the world with his noon talk?   Not sure we will get the clues we need until after that time window.  Need 4402 to come out on S & P cash to be aggressive on the buy side and bottom-fishers have to wait for at least 4280 on S & P […]


EXHAUSTION AND CAPITULATION BOTTOM COMING FOR STOCKS AND METALS Metals and stocks have fallen sharply as interest rates have risen. Within the next day or so, we should complete downward patterns on stocks and metals and start a recovery? How long will it last? Is it worth buying?  Check out our 1 month subscription order […]

Metals Have Key Cycle low for Wednesday

KEY METALS BUY SETTING UP FOR WEDNESDAY The CPI is due on on Wednesday and we think it will be inflationary. Metals actually do not like inflation.  That may give metals one last push lower and gold is close to key support at 1922 and 1914 and GLD to 175.50.    Lower support is 1914 […]

Metals Give a Buy Signal

METALS AND ENERGY UPDATES Silver gave a buy signal this morning and the least bullish pattern would allow 2450 and then a pullback to 2250.  We do expect it to move to 2600 and higher and SLV will move with it.  We have a long-term cycle high into early November.  Platinum gave the earliest confirmation […]

When China Sneezes

When China Sneezes Fitch put China on a warning to downgrade their debt and that is a huge warning to the world.  I remember when China had major problems in 1998 and it how it impacted the US stock market.  They are struggling with unpaid real estate loans, massive youth unemployment. They cut their rates […]

The Last Bulls That Will Be Standing

THE LAST BULLS STANDING The stock market is tiring and many indices have fallen in five waves suggesting that from a late August low,  a bounce in September may be the last bull bounce.  We have outlined many ugly background noises including China’s problems, higher interest rates that are not going to stop, geopolitical tensions […]


FIRST PART OF STOCK MARKET CORRECTION LOW DUE TODAY The first part of the correction on the stock market is due to be over today.  NQ broke and projects 15061 on NQ futures. Watching a minimum of 4455 on S & P cash and a max. of 4434 on cash and we might as be […]

Troubling Geo-political Cycles this Fall.

FALL GEOPOLITICAL PREVIEW Major climax cycles are set up around  BRICS Summit in South Africa on August 21-23.   Also into  August 23-28th there are several international and geo-political cycles peaking and not sure how they resolve. Tensions between leaders and government are also climaxing into August 26-27th.  Something major will happen then in the world.  […]