Gold Still Looks Good

(3/18)   We tend to get so micro-orientated but the big picture is much higher gold over the next few years as the reality of the world banking and debt crises manifests in a bigger way.  Long-term investors can at least focus on the July high short-term this year.  All the gold contracts that we follow would look better a little lower. Gold looks higher at least over the next few weeks into March 29th and chances are we have to scoop dips before FOMC on Wednesday.  We are closer to minimum support at 2146 and lower support is at 2128 and continues to accumulate on dips

Still, next week, It would not be shocking to see gold shoot up to 2222 either with silver strong.  One cannot be short gold and the question is do we keep buying the dips or be patient?

Gold does look higher from the  29th.   From max. 2122-30 it would go to 2222 at least.   Watch GLD which should hold 199.10-198.20-197.40. 
Later in the month: new highs of 2269 would complete this pattern and then 2300.  This could take until the middle of April when cycles higher are due.   If the market extends to 2269 or 2300  then a pullback from there would go to 2172 into the late April low


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