Get Market Timing You Can Count On And Be Ahead Of The Next Big Move

What makes fortucast different?

For the past 30 years Barry Rosen has been trading and analyzing the markets. His experience means we are not tripped up by the same traps and false signals that many other analysts are.

With our proprietary timing models we are able to filter out ambiguous patterns and indicate market strength or weakness during intraday periods, as well as trends for a particular market day or week.

Fortucast Financial Timer contains exact entries and exits on 12 financial markets and a wealth of fundamental and technical information to help you succeed as a trader. We do this by using Gann research and hidden secrets plus in-depth Elliot Wave research to provide insights beyond traditional models.

Get to know the quality of the reports we produce and see the results for yourself!

Key features include:

  • Key cycle timing signals to get you in and out of markets at the best times
  • Five types of cycle analysis go beyond traditional technical analysis
  • Specific money-managed trade recommendations limit risk exposure
  • Summarizes and highlights most important news developments and their potential impact
  • Savvy news insights beyond the ordinary media
  • Proprietary timing models help filter out false signals
  • Timed Elliot Waves and hidden Gann secrets

E. G.

Bismark, ND

“Barry, I am amazed with your service. Your direction indicators serve as a road map through the volatility of the financial markets. Thank you.”

Markets & Trade recommendations included:

  • e-mini S&P
  • NQ
  • T-notes
  • Dollar Index
  • Gold Futures
  • Silver Futures
  • Bitcoin Futures
  • e-mini Crude Oil
  • Indian Rupee
  • Euro Futures & Currency


LPL Financials

Since getting your full service with intra-day updates in the last year, I better understand what goes into just how difficult your job is and how comprehensive your “guys” and you actually are. I continue to use your service for different decision making processes but in the end has been a growing benefit to our business. I’ve ALSO gotten smarter in how to use your “stuff” after 10 years + getting Financial Fortucast, giving credit where credit is due.”

Barry Rosen

Editor & Publisher of Fortucast Commodity Market Timers

Since 1987, Barry Rosen has been the editor and publisher of Fortucast Commodity Market Timers, which cover over 20 futures markets.

Mr. Rosen derives his trade recommendations from GANN, ELLIOTT WAVE and his own proprietary cyclical analysis. His frequent timing for entries at critical points in the market can only be described as uncanny! For example, in 1990 in Trader’s World, he predicted that the US stock market would trend higher into 1998.

In 1998, he predicted an important market peak around July 21 at the top of the market that year. Mr. Rosen also operates intra-day hotlines for the S & P and a daily Mutual Fund Timer.

Mr. Rosen’s articles on the relationship of geo-cosmic cycles to timing of the markets have appeared in Trader’s World and the NCRG Journal. A highly respected authority in his field, Mr. Rosen has spoken at numerous conferences and seminars. In addition, Barry recently published a third edition of his home study course on financial astrology.

He recently spoke at the London School of Philosophy and Economics on long-term stock market cycles and has been interviewed by CNBC regarding his accurate predictions on the 2008 collapse in the stock market.