FOR TUESDAY: (9/20) Storms over the weekend focused on the southern half of the growing region, while rains early in the week return to the upper Midwest before another front moves in from the west. Maps for the next seven days keep the eastern Corn Belt mostly dry. Official 6- to 10 and 8- to 14-day forecasts out yesterday remain wet with a cooling trend in the west though the latest updates this morning are warmer for the period. Grain patterns to the upside would still look more complete if 342 on Dec. corn, 993 on Nov. beans at 416-8 on Dec. wheat came in. If you need to sell or hedge, we will hold out the next few days for those areas. Cattle should hold up a few more days and then congest into the COF report. Waiting for higher hog prices to be selling and that may take a few more days.

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