FOR FRIDAY: (12/8) While grain cycles look higher Dec. 10-15, Friday looks mixed and grains are all on the edge at key numbers. Buying Sunday may be easier if there are no major breaks or surprises. Cycle highs dominate for hogs and cattle next week with Friday a transition day and we’ll feel better buying on Monday.

MARCH CORN (electronic ok)
TODAY’S COMMENTS: (12/8) We didn’t quite get filled and still have a chance to buy slightly lower and not needing to chase. Market should hold up into Dec. 17-18. Overall, March needs to move at least another 14 cents higher from this upcoming low–and if 349 holds, then 363 would be the projected move.
OVERALL: After the first week of December, seasonally the market is often sideways to lower; could hold up into Dec. 15-18 at best.
CYCLES OVERVIEW: Lower Friday; higher Dec. 10-17.

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