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     FORTUCAST LONG-RANGE WEATHER We ran our weather cycles and two new cycles should create rainfall totals to be drier than normal. The 12-year rainfall cycle is drier in 2023-24 and kicks on Feb. 24, 2023, this year.  The 18.5-year cycle is hot and dry through July 2024. The 84-year cycle is dry but the...

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Grains are far from Done to the Upside. This week is a rare pullback week for grains and we should be buying Sept. call options or ETF for grains like CORN, SOYB, or WEAT into Friday.  Larger patterns still point to 1771-80 short-term on July beans and 1875 into later in the spring.  Corn should hit...

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We would not be shocked to see May wheat still hit 1450 or 1518 later in the season if the war news goes its way and we have a bias for higher prices but trading this market requires huge pockets or buying well-priced call options or spreads on dips. Russia and Ukraine export 29% of...

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LOOKING AHEAD: Wild weather patterns for the next 7 years will create prices that we have never seen before. Growing seasons will be shorter with colder and wetter spring and early frosts due to the Sunspot cycles. La Nina will come in the next few years and push prices sharply higher. This is only the beginning...

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With 35+ years in business, Fortucast publishes daily and intraday reports on financial futures, Ag markets, ETF sectors & stock indices using Gann, Elliott Wave, and five cycle timing models. We provide the best in class market research to help you grow your portfolio:

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Leveraging GANN, Elliot Wave, and Proprietary Cyclical analysis, we provide specific entry, stop, target positions on over 30 Futures, and ETFs

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