What’s ahead for 2024?
2024 started out with a strong negative bias for the stock market but it did not fall enough to issue a technical sell signal.  We are still open to a divergent high for NQ 100 and Megacaps and some sectors are showing signs of topping after  the strong rally since Oct 27th.   Metals have come alive and Bitcoin  has come back life as energy is failing to perform?  From what we can see 2024 seems like the most volatile year in a while and much of it may start unfolding starting in April and May.  Our reports are looking at the year ahead and answer the following:

  • Will the stock market make new highs this year and then what?   When does the multiple-year slide start?
  • Will gold and silver continue to dominate the financial sectors?
  • What about Bitcoin?  Will the pundits be correct in reaching 100,000?
  • When does the current deflation cycle end for grains?  
  • For ETF traders, what sectors will outperform in the remaining push higher and when do we get in?  We noted XAR for defense as an outperform and it has done well.
  • Will the soft landing happen or will 34 trillion in debt come to bite us? 
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