By Barry Rosen
The US survived the debt ceiling crisis and kicked the can down the road past
the 2024 elections. What’s another 2 trillion dollars in debt? The military-industrial
complex is enjoying its spoils as Congress and President Biden pour money into
another opportunist war to protect democracy. But Zelansky just said there
would be no elections as long as there is war and he jailed a US journalist who
was critical of the war and is banning Russian books and the Russian Orthodox
Church. Sounds like a wonderful democracy. Not seeing a happy ending here
and we worry about the escalation with NATO and Europe determined to push
the world into war.
Meanwhile, President Biden’s chart continues to suffer from Rahu transiting over
his natal moon in the 6 th house at 7.56 Aries. While the mainstream media is
ignoring the Republican findings of political influence peddling and over 20 bank
shell bank accounts for Joe Biden’s relatives, one knows this scandal cannot go
on forever. Will it take until the next Lunar eclipse on Oct. 28 th at 12 Aries near
his natal moon to knock him out of the ring while the Sun transits his 12 th house in
the sign of debilitation? The media is even starting to turn on him as his party
sees the writing on the wall and Kamala Harris has the lowest popularity of a VP
in years. Her Moon is at 4 Aries and will also get hit by Rahu this fall and will
suffer from the eclipses. Her Mercury mahadasha (Adhana Vimshottari Dasha)
is connected to Rahu and Swati in the 5 th and she may well rise.
The pause in the stock market has been brief. It is close to a technical breakout
at publication and we still think it is vulnerable at least into July 9 th . We are not
expecting much of a pullback now. We have noted in previous issues that the
Jupiter/Uranus connection in late Aries will hold AI and tech up into early
The Jupiter/Rahu conjunction continues to push the tech bubble and AI craze to
the moon. We do not see it ending until early September with Jupiter
approaching Uranus toward the end of Aries. The media is calling for a new bull
market but the 20% figure has always been rather arbitrary.
If the S & P cash takes out 4505 by July 3 rd , then pullbacks into July 9 th will be
minor and the trade may start pushing the stock market back up. Usually the
the Mars/Saturn opposition into the week of July 17 th is not helpful and
Mars/Saturn oppositions tend to create labor strikes and UPS is close to
announcing a strike at publication that would cripple the supply chain.

The stock market usually does not like the Mars/Saturn opposition which is
between Leo and Aquarius into July 20 th as Mercury goes retrograde into July
22 nd in Leo. Not sure if the market will be able to take off again until after the next
rate hike.
The next FOMC meeting is July 25-26 th and at the moment there is an 85%
chance of another rate hike coming and we wonder if that will put the breaks on
this recovery rally in progress at publication.
With Jupiter's proximity to Uranus peaking with the Jupiter station into Sept 4 th ,
there will be some kind of high on the year for stocks into that window. We are
starting to think that NQ 100 could get up to 16500-17000 with the AI craze and
pull Tesla up to 304. Doubt that Tesla will take out 230 now.
With Jupiter going retrograde from Sept. 3 rd into the end of the year, we will get
recessionary action happening. We do not expect the FOMC to ease rates until
next year. We have been looking for a difficult time for US stocks in
September/October/November. This is also coinciding with the 12-year cycle of
Jupiter in Aries when in Sept. 2011, stocks made a high and then fall into May of
The problem for the fall is Jupiter will be opposing the debilitated Sun and Mars
in Libra with Mercury in the fall of 2023 and that is similar to the oppositions we
had between the bearish signs of Aries and Libra, two air signs, which caused
more rapid stock market declines. In Oct. 1987, we had something very similar
and hence there is more crash energy in the fall of this year.
The context for a major financial crisis continues to be there this fall as the house
of cards of world debt, endless war expenditures are not going to come to a
pretty and neat end. Still, the powers that be manage to do what they can to stay
in power for the sake of the rest of us.
This year has always looked better than 2024. We have been looking at the US
Pluto return into May/June 2024 for a while and it tends to cause big shifts in a
super-power. Rome and the United Kingdom were not the same after the Pluto
returns. Juliana Swanson did a long presentation in Dallas last week and she
noted that changes in all these superpowers occurred to waging expensive wars,
corruption, over-spending, and loss of moral and ethical standards. Any
surprises here? The April 8 th Solar Eclipse in 2024 makes X across the US and
is very powerful because it occurs during the day. It appears to be another huge
omen. (

The feeding of the military-industrial complex continues with billions of dollars as
money pours into Ukraine but their history of corruption has us wondering where
is all the money going. There are no victors in war and just too many victims.
Private figures suggest over 300,000 deaths on the Ukrainian side. Zelensky
wants the war to spill over into Europe and NATO is also a war-monger and we
think it has a good chance of happening into the summer of 2024 as no one
seems to want to talk peace. Where are diplomats when we need them?
I do know that there are powers of good trying to shift the energy of the world out
of war and power games and totalitarian control. Do your part by meditating and
contributing to the growth of world consciousness.

At publication, banks are still drawing heavily on the FED’s emergency funding
window. On the horizon for a new crisis is the banking situation which we
warned is in trouble in July. The banks passed the stress test by the Federal
Reserve but the commercial real estate crisis is there to rear its ugly head in the
background and that may be a cause of a problem this fall.
We had mentioned that the banking crisis would not go away. We are at the
Jupiter/Rahu conjunction, which is a signature for bankruptcy, and it happens in
the True Node system on June 2nd, and a bit earlier in the Mean Node system.
Gold has failed to launch and will more likely do so in the fall and winter with a
more extended financial crisis unless the banking crisis comes earlier.
Larger cycle highs for gold are due in Sept. as it is gold like the Sun in Leo and
Jupiter will be trining it and we have another cycle high in early November with
Venus trining Pluto into Nov. 6 th as I find Venus/Pluto aspects are often
connected to gold highs. Mars going into Leo at publication should help a bit but
we are concerned that if gold breaks 1890, it would fall to 1820 and seasonally
then the planets go through Cancer, 12 houses from Leo, gold is in trouble.
We have seen banks trash gold by selling futures for years and are not sure
they will stop and a break of 1890 on gold would lead to 1800. It is not out of the
question as the banks continue to manipulate. We do think gold will have its day
from the fall of 2023 into the spring of 2024.
We have a gold cycle higher into 2024 for now. Gold could accelerate in a crisis
to 2245 and then 2450 into the year 2024. Stay on top of our daily forecasts with newsletters.

CRYPTOS: Bitcoin finally gave a technical breakout a few weeks ago and
projects at least 35000 short-term and could get back to 54000. The fall
financial crisis will help. Jupiter is trining the natal Jupiter in the natal chart
(10/31/2008 11:10 am, Van Nuys, CA) at 22 Sagittarius) into Jupiter station in
early September at 21 degrees.
We think long timer they will be vulnerable still as the SEC tries to regulate
cryptos out of existence as indicated by the SEC filings against COIN and other
players. Still, Bitcoin is in a Jupiter/Rahu period from August 2023 into 2026
using the correct dasha of (Adhana Vimshottari Dasha) and it is likely to weather
the storm for a bit.
Remember to work with your broker. Trading and investing have to be done both
technically and astrology can help but should not be the only factor in making a
decision. You have to buy low and sell high.
As always, this is my snapshot thought for June 30, 2023. New information
comes in daily. If you are a trader or investor, consider my Fortucast newsletters
which are published daily at A trial subscription is
97.00/month. If you want to learn financial astrology visit my website at and click on the Financial Astrology link.
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