July Astro-Finance–The Rockets may Pause

By Barry Rosen
The US survived the debt ceiling crisis and kicked the can down the road past
the 2024 elections. What’s another 2 trillion dollars in debt? The military-industrial
complex is enjoying its spoils as …

Stock Market Running Out of Steam

Stock Market

Getting Ready for Last Stock Market Lift-off

The first set of cycle highs for the stock market is due early next week and we are starting to think the S & P cash will not get to 4200 and the

Crude Oil In Trouble

Crude Oil

Crude oil in Trouble

Crude violated a key support zone this morning at 7600 and the break should mean a move to 6905.  Recessionary fears are up.  We cannot get too bearish as we move into the driving season and

Where is gold headed?



Where is Gold headed?
Gold has to take out 2008 to issue a sell signal and then the max. a pullback would be to 1940 or 1923.  It is very overbought.  Cycles would give it a chance to hold

One More Pullback for Energy Next Week

One More Pullback for Energy Next Week

Crude oil held up well and the May contract is not likely to take out 7700 and still has weak cycles next week and possibly a few days into the following week.  The

When is the next gold entry?

When is the next gold entry?
Gold is far from done and still has cycle highs into early May and larger cycles are supportive into 2024.   The market is currently in a pullback situation and will be set up for

Finally a Break for Crude Oil Inflation

Finally a Break for Crude Oil Inflation

“Are you looking for a break in crude oil inflation? Our expert analyst and trader, Barry Rosen, says it’s time to pay attention to the crude oil market. According to Barry, crude has …

Bitcoin Finally Comes Alive. What’s Next?

Bitcoin Finally Comes Alive. What’s Next?

Cycles for Bitcoin are strong into the 3rd week of April. The background noise is finally there to push people back into Bitcoin.  The banking crisis is not solved because the FDIC wasted its

Ready to Launch?

Ready to Launch?

  • The stock market has put in some positive divergences and the MACD is turning up.
  • Needing NQ 100 futures to take out 12210 and then we can start a recovery rally next week.
  • S & P cash