LARGER PATTERNS AND CYCLICAL SUMMARY :    Computer models for gold the last 2 weeks had suggested 1442-4 for gold and a pullback go 1348-1360  for a 4th wave.   Bitcoin is probably done for now but once US stocks top and the next summer crisis develops the buyers will be back.  T-notes back to the 4th wave to 126.12 or 126.03 which is still needed.  We do not have to do a divergent high to 129.00 and the larger cycle suggests higher rates into January 2020 although it may not be clear during congestion this summer.  S & P needs to complete to 3040-3050 before the summer sale will set up. Silver has a chance to pullback to 1408-10 if gold gets to 1360.  Crude oil is congestive but has not completed a weekly chart sell signal and need a close under 5650.   We are open to a divergent high to 6089.


Cycle are particularly volatile the next few days so even if there is a negative reaction to Deutshe Bank, they may quickly buy it back.

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