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  • The stock market has put in some positive divergences and the MACD is turning up.
  • Needing NQ 100 futures to take out 12210 and then we can start a recovery rally next week.
  • S & P cash is holding up and could be at 4077 next week.
  • Usually, the week before FOMC is lower and it will be hard for the stock market to hold up past March 13th.   What lies ahead after FOMC?


Stay on top of specific entries and exits for the next explosive moves on these markets into early March.   Get a trial for the Fortucast ETF timer or the Fortucast Financial timer for 97/month on our introductory trial.

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For short-term traders and moderately active swing futures traders. Markets covered: S&P 500 T-notes Dollar Euro Gold Silver Crude Oil Bitcoin Futures.

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