FOR TUESDAY: (3/14) Tuesday seems the best day for a bounce in grains and if it happens, we need to be selling. Still thinking the major cycle low for grains is March 26-27 but wondering if they are too oversold now. Still can get away with shorts this week. Cattle and hogs should be higher with winter snows. 

JULY SOYBEANS (electronic ok)
TODAY’S COMMENTS: (3/14) Still waiting on 1008.50 to come in with lower support to 1003. May only get 1021 for a bounce the next few days and we may have to put in early orders if we’re to get anything at all. Next push down will go to 987 or 975 so jumping on a bounce the next few days will be important seasonals often turn lower in March after the USDA and with SA pressures.
CYCLES OVERVIEW: Higher into March 14; lower into March 15; higher into March 17; lower into March 20-21.

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