FOR FRIDAY: (5/19) We‘ve seen enough of these sucker punches to know that we had to be careful–and low and behold, it came and delivered. Next week’s James Comey hearing is certainly setting up as a ‘grab yr popcorn’ moment with Democrats lining up for their 5 minutes of fame to ask the question that ‘proves’ Trump deserves impeachment. However, it appears there is no need for the hearing as Mr. Comey already confirmed – under oath – that “he has not been pressured to close an investigation for political purposes.” Testifying under oath in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 3rd, Comey states that he has not been pressured to close an investigation for political purposes, “not in my experience.”

So where is the truth? The press is selling copy by making up stories with evidence and there is certainly a witch hunt out there and it is not good for the economy or for getting business done and we’re all sick of it. Cycles suggest it will get much worse in July and August so get your popcorn warm ready.

We originally had a dollar high for Friday and gold low and we will assume that will continue. Still, the Times or WaPo will come up with something else to sell more copy and CNN will continue to rant. Will we ever have truth or a government interested in the people rather than battling out in the arena?

Topping action is never easy and you can see what happens when you chase so will tread carefully.

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