FOR MONDAY: (11/14) There’s a 16-year cycle peaking this week which we last saw around Y2K in Jan. 2000. It can be seen in large democratic or humanitarian societal movements which seek to alleviate social injustice. It’s manifesting now with the riots against Trump but there also riots in Europe. Yet, without a firm peaceful foundation aligned with higher principles, movements like this tend to backfire and become ineffective and dangerous. These cycles can be quite unconscious, eliciting violent, confusing, incoherent, and disintegrating shadow forces. Like Y2k when we were all convinced the world was going to end because of computer glitches and it turned into a subconscious hoax, it feels like everyone is spinning the Trump victory into the end of the world or the best thing since white break. We are somewhere in between. This week, speculative cycles are very crazy so if you thought last week was crazy, there’s more coming. We have to continue to play patterns and look for the completion of energy points. Thinking last week’s trend will continue into Wednesday or Thursday and then a shift will start by Friday.

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