FOR FRIDAY: (11/4) The truth is out there but who will report it? The news media has been owned and been supporting Hillary as proven by Wikileaks emails from John Podesta. The internet is filled with rumors from people trying to influence their friends. And we remain waiting for the FBI and Comey who seem to want the truth and justice but the political pressure are enormous. There’s a sense that what will come out will be bigger than Watergate and will be one of the biggest scandals in history but when will it happen? Markets are oversold and biting their nails and we are with them. We sense that the nature of electronic voting and history of vote rigging (see Bev Allen’s award-winning documentary from HBO, “Hacking Democracy” on you tube) will not create any definitive end to the farce but Wall Street may have an oversold bounce if we are correct about an apparent Hillary win on Tuesday. Stay tuned. It’s not over until the Fat Lady Sings. (We are for neither candidate but for truth and fighting corruption.)

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