FOR MONDAY: (8/27) Not sure the market cares about political noise and it will go on for months and months anyway and doesn’t mean much if corporate earnings and US growth is there. Will have to see how HI comes in over the weekend. Some fear cycles will intensify starting Tuesday of next week so we wonder if we get a strong move up for stocks Monday/Tuesday and then nowhere to go until the end of the month on Friday. Volume disappears as everyone heads out for the Labor Day weekend.

SEPT. E-MINI S & P 500
S & P ANALYSIS FOR MONDAY: (8/27) Upper target of 2913 has a stronger chance of coming in. Market looks higher on Monday. Only sour note is that NQ failed to accelerate and usually leads the charge. Still, the market could hold up into Sept. 6 before the September seasonal swoon comes in. Tricky to put orders in on Sunday but that may be the only way to get long for a surge into Monday. Cash closed at 2857 with key resistance at 2863 and 2667 on cash which could put futures up.

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