FINANCIAL MARKETS OVERVIEW FOR MONDAY: (12/19) The chance for the Electoral College to trump Trump and send a decision to the House on Monday seems rather unlikely. Still, the markets may remain quiet until the all-clear signal is out. More disturbing are many other news items including the Chinese capturing a US drone submarine, more saber-rattling by Obama and even the FBI concurring with the CIA around evidence about hacking despite the fact Wikileaks denies the Russians were the source. What no one is doing is denying is the content of the hacked emails showing dirty tricks to win the Democratic candidacy and the pay-for-play Clinton foundation doings. What is also implied by the press is that the Russians changed the results of the election by hacking into databases around the US which was not possible as they were offline. So more spin. We don’t think it will be over until the Inauguration. We do see that stocks should rally this week and bonds recover and the dollar turn lower and gold turn higher. It’s possible that some final flourish could complete patterns that have not quite come in on the dollar and silver – but maybe they don’t have to.

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