FOR TUESDAY: (4/3) Tuesday is the best day of the week for a stock market recovery but new lows are coming so will have to get short any absurd bounce that happens and be ready for the rest of the week. That should give gold a pause and the dollar has a 5th wave high to do and crude needs a bounce.

S & P ANALYSIS FOR TUESDAY: (4/3) Our sale at 2634 was golden this morning if you hung onto it. Patterns suggest 2530 and 2521.50. Tuesday is one of the better days of the week and the S & P can’t take out 2615-20 if we get a bizarre bounce. The market looks very weak into Friday so if you did not get in, use bounces on Tuesday to enter. Taking out 2590 overnight will be a first sign that they want to retrace some of the gains. And staying under 2596 is important but we’re open to seeming a max. bounce to 2615 in a fake-out move—and we have seen a number of those already.
CYCLE SYNTHESIS: Recovering April 3?; recovering April 4.

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