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Covers fundamental, technical and cyclical analysis on 6 markets and includes twice-daily, morning and afternoon reports. Savvy fundamental analysis, cyclical timing, and specific order recommendations with some long-term hedging information included. 


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  • Twice-daily analysis of fundamentals behind daily movement
  • Pre-opening comments for included markets
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  • Elliot Wave Cycle Breakdowns


Finally a Break for Crude Oil Inflation “Are you looking for a break in crude oil inflation? Our expert analyst and trader, Barry Rosen, says it’s time to pay attention to the crude oil market. According to Barry, crude has broken key levels and is projecting a bearish trend in the coming weeks. Cycle lows...

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Bitcoin Finally Comes Alive. What’s Next? Cycles for Bitcoin are strong into the 3rd week of April. The background noise is finally there to push people back into Bitcoin.  The banking crisis is not solved because the FDIC wasted its huge reserves bailing out the corporate technology sector.  Where is the market heading?  You can...

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Ready to Launch? Powell Throws a Wrench into the Markets It turns out that retracements that the highs we were seeing for many markets into Friday are now retracement highs as the action for Tuesday’s low were too impulsive to the downside.  With the higher dollar due to a perceived 50 bps hike. Patterns on March...

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Ready to Launch? The stock market has put in some positive divergences and the MACD is turning up. Needing NQ 100 futures to take out 12210 and then we can start a recovery rally next week. S & P cash is holding up and could be at 4077 next week. Usually, the week before FOMC...

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LONGER-TERM CYCLES FOR THE US AND WORLD   GENERAL ECONOMIC INSIGHTS: We have plenty of tensions rising as we move into April. Geopolitical cycles are intense into the week of March 12-16 th with increasing war tensions as the US is absurdly thinking that they can win in a long-term nuclear war against Russia and...

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Markets on the Edge–Cycle lows are just about here. We found a commodity cycle on Wednesday which tends to create cycle lows and it is due to complete over the weekend.  Tuesday’s fake-out on metals is leading to new lows. April Gold projects 1804 and March silver may get to max. 2060.   Oil continues...

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With 35+ years in business, Fortucast publishes daily and intraday reports on financial futures, Ag markets, ETF sectors & stock indices using Gann, Elliott Wave, and five cycle timing models. We provide the best in class market research to help you grow your portfolio:

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Leveraging GANN, Elliot Wave, and Proprietary Cyclical analysis, we provide specific entry, stop, target positions on over 30 Futures, and ETFs

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Leveraging GANN, Elliot Wave, and Proprietary Cyclical analysis, we provide specific entry, stop, target positions on over 30 Futures, and ETFs

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Reports are published twice daily morning and evening, release times are between 7:30-10:30 am CST in the morning and 6-8pm CST in the evening and approximately 4-8 pages in length.

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