Bubbling Financial Crisis Emerging


There are a lot of disturbing headlines out there as we climax into a crisis in early August when we have a cluster of volatile cycles July 31-August 6th but much of that will be felt before.

The Saudis are willing to move away from the Petrodollar which will devastate the United States’ dominance. On July 22nd, Europe could be in crisis with no nat. gas leading to an even steeper fall in the Euro and collapse of European stocks and bonds and its spillover to the world.  A US rail strike is set to hit on July 18th and you think we have supply chain problems already?  Suddenly a technical rally on the dollar index this winter to 11900 and a fall in the Euro to 9100 does not seem that absurd. Meanwhile, 62,000 Unvaxx’d guards, reserve Soldiers are facing a loss of pay as the army prepares to enforce vaccine mandates.  Get ahead of the curve as things are starting to heat up.  The biggest hope for this market is a huge Chinese liquidity injection like they did in 2008 but given they want deflation to buy everything up cheaper, sure they will delay it.  Some Chinese bank runs are happening. If you are missing these stories you had better move away from mainstream media.   Stay on top of the impact of all these events with Fortucast Timers.   It’s going to get volatile out there.


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