Hi Everyone Barry is a presenter for upcoming event,
“Synergy Traders #40: Investing and Long-Term Trading 2022 Conference”.
We are planning for 30 presentations, Tuesday-Thursday, July 19th-21st,
10AM-8PM ET. 

The PDFs below are available for instant download as a preview for the upcoming Synergy Traders event…

• PDF: How To ‘Pull The Trigger’ Without Hesitation by Norman Hallett

• PDF: From No System to a Proven System in Three Well-Defined Steps by Sunny J. Harris

• PDF: The Power of Futures Trading by Anka Metcalf

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July 19th-21st: Over 30 Trading Pros share their best Investing and Long-Term Trading knowledge with you!

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No matter what market you trade or invest in, our mission is to provide you with valuable information at this event whether you are a beginner trader just getting your feet wet or seasoned trader wanting to tweak your strategies.

P.S. Can’t make it? We’ve got you covered. Register Now and receive the recordings as soon as they’re available.

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