Post-Easter Stock market rally?  Can the market turn the corner?
Cycles turn more positive for the stock market April 18-25th and the market is often up after the Easter holiday.  The larger question is will the rally be significant enough to end the grinding bear and the worries of higher rates?   For now we expect S & P futures 4350 to hold and we could get up to at least 4560 on S & P futures by late April but will the market move beyond that?  Tech stocks have continued in a funk and they do not like higher interest rates.
Stay in touch with our larger forecast and overview for the year with Fortucast products.  Lots of money to make this year with soaring inflation and there are sectors that are doing well.

Fortucast - Financial Timer

For short-term traders and moderately active swing traders. Covers 6-8 markets and includes pre-opening comments (approximately 3 sector updates in the evening between 6-9 pm CST before the full report is published.

S&P Morning Updates are sent pre-opening by 8:15AM (CST) and then 2-3 times, as needed, during the 1-1.5 hours of the day session. Key edges and chart patterns are identified along with day trade suggestions, dove tailing off of our main report but will focus for shorter term counter-trend moves to take advantage of morning cash and futures discrepancies. Suggestions are short and to the point.

Markets coveredS&P 500, NASDAQ, T-notes/Dollar/Euro/British Pound/Gold/Silver/Crude oil

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