Stocks on the Ledge

We do not see a crash coming so you can relax about that.  We may get to 3930-4000 on S & P cash before the market starts a rebound. The FED is telling us probably 50 BPS on May 3rd and then they are hinting at 75 bps hike by the June meeting and they are talking about 3.5% by March 2023.   Many people have not been around for a bear market and we are just at the beginning stages.  This market has been up 13 years and the FED is finally saying they will raise rates and not care about the stock market anymore as there are larger things for them to consider.

So when will this market bottom?  How far will it recover?  Stay on top of all of this with Fortucast Timers.  Always exciting opportunities when the markets get wild.


Financial Market Timer

For short-term traders and moderately active swing futures traders. Markets covered: S&P 500 T-notes Dollar Euro Gold Silver Crude Oil Bitcoin Futures.

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